Captain Fredriksen swapped a cruise for a jump

Social in Holmenkollen

For many years, Captain Fritz Jakob Fredriksen (53) steered large ships in the Caribbean. Now he makes quick decisions on the ski jump.

I learned that at sea, to decide quickly. And it is very useful as a volunteer during the ski jumping races in Holmenkollen.

Volunteer for ten years

Fredriksen has been a volunteer at Holmenkollen Skifestival for ten years and is assistant race director.

- I am the right and left arm of the jury, making sure the slope is according to the rules. I have a son who used to ski jump, so I volunteered here. But he's retired, and I'm the jumping dad who stayed behind," laughs Fredriksen.

Holmenkollen needs more volunteers.

Love the Polish fans

What do you like most about volunteering in Holmenkollen?

- The best thing is when everything goes as planned, that I make it work, and when you hear the Kollen roar. I like being close to the athletes and the Polish fans are absolutely magical! They create a fantastic atmosphere on the slopes! And it's great to see that the jumpers are so happy to be here. There's something special about "Kollen".

Fredriksen has swapped his captain's uniform
for the stylish Holmenkollen volunteer jacket Skifestival.