Captain Fredriksen swapped out cruises for ski jumping

Social in Holmenkollen

For many years, Captain Fritz Jakob Fredriksen (53) steered large ships in the Caribbean. Now he steers the ship on the ski jump.

I learned that at sea, to make quick assessments and confident decisions. And it's very useful in my role during the ski jumping events in Holmenkollen.

Volunteer for eleven years

Fredriksen has been a volunteer at Holmenkollen Skifestival for eleven years and is assistant race director at RAW AIR. This year, Holmenkollen is hosting the first World Cup race in the extreme ski jumping tournament RAW AIR.

- I'm the right and left arm of the jury, making sure the ground is according to the rules. We assess the wind and weather and have to make quick decisions together. There is a close dialog with FIS in the planning phase and along the way, where the media also has an influence. "I have a son who used to ski jump, which is why I volunteered here. But he's retired, and I'm the ski jumping dad who stayed behind," laughs Fredriksen. He praises the environment, the energy and the fantastic efforts of everyone in the volunteer team. "It's good to experience being part of this team.

Our eager jump volunteers do everything from rigging the jumping hill with snow and pedaling in the junior race, length measurements and the exit-gate that the athletes walk through before taking the elevator to the top of the jumping hill. Felix can tell you about the fantastic view of Oslo: "It must be the best view in Oslo!

Holmenkollen needs more volunteers

Love the Polish fans

What do you like most about volunteering in Holmenkollen?

- It's so much! The best thing is probably when everything goes as planned, when I can do my best and get all the details to work together with the whole team. AND when we hear the Kollen roar after a great jump!
I like being close to the athletes and feeling the pulse and excitement. But the Polish fans are absolutely magical! They create a fantastic atmosphere on the slopes - real rock'n'roll for young and old!
And it's great to see that the ski jumpers, who travel around the world and experience great folk festivals, are so happy to be here in "Kollen". There's something very special about Holmenkollen.