Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have collected questions and answers that many of our customers wonder about.

Are tickets refundable?

No, purchased tickets are not refundable.

Is there an After Ski event?

Yes, there is après-ski in Kollenkafeen, Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the World Cup Biathlon (February 29 - March 3). And on Saturday, March 9 during the Nordic World Cup. The age limit is 18 years.

Are there any parking spaces in Holmenkollen?

For the general public, it is not possible to park in Holmenkollen during Holmenkollen Skifestival. There are only a limited number of accessible parking spaces at the arena. The easiest and fastest way to get to Holmenkollen, is the Metro, Line 1. 

Are there baby changing facilities in the arena?

Yes, there is one baby changing room near the main entrance.

Do you replace tickets that are not received or lost?

TicketCo will be able to resend the ticket, follow this guide:

Can I get a certificate?

A general certificate for volunteers will be available for download after the events. Those who send a request to their section leader will be able to receive an individual certificate after the event. The certificate will describe the event, as well as the section's and your work tasks. Many volunteers write up their experience on their CV to show their commitment to society, and the feedback is that many people think that being a volunteer adds new and valuable skills.

Can I get tickets as a volunteer?

Yes, as a volunteer you get two free arena tickets (not stands) which you can give to someone you love. The tickets are valid until Sunday 12 March and/or Sunday 19 March, depending on which event(s) you attend.

Do I get food as a volunteer?

Yes, all volunteers receive meals in our volunteer cafés. Delicious and healthy food is served there, and the waffle press is naturally in operation during the day. Fruit and other light food will also be available.

Is there a separate accommodation offer for volunteers?

Unfortunately, we do not have our own accommodation offers for volunteers.

Is there a place where I can go inside to get warm?

You can go into Kollenkafeen and warm up. It is the large, white tent at the main entrance in the southern part of the stadium. There you can also buy something good to eat and hot drinks. This will be on Saturday afterski and from 16.30 the age limit is 18 years.

Where can I find toilets?

There are toilets near all spectator areas inside the arena. Most are placed around the festival streets. There are also toilets inside the spectator tent. There are accessible toilets near the North Stand and in the spectator tent.

Can children enter for free?

Children 0-3 years enter the arena free of charge. From 4 to 17 years old counts as a child ticket for Nordic and 4 to 14 years old for biathlon, and is of course discounted. We also offer family tickets that are valid for 2 adults and 2 children.

If I have lost or found something, where do I go?

Go to our Event Office, near the big spectator tent. Here you can hand in what you have found, and check whether anyone has found what you have lost.

How long does it take me from central Oslo to Holmenkollen?

The subway up from the center takes approx. 20 minutes, a little depending on which station you are traveling from. Allow plenty of time, there are many going the same way. From Holmenkollen subway station, it takes approximately 10 minutes on foot to reach the arena.

How many volunteers will work during Holmenkollen Skifestival ?

Two World Cup events are organized this winter. World Cup Nordic with approx. 1100 volunteers and World Cup Biathlon with approx. 800 volunteers.

Where do I show up as a volunteer?

Information about the attendance time and place will be provided by your section leader when the event approaches. This is individual from section to section, depending on which work area you have.

How much do I have to work?

It is planned that all volunteers must work a minimum of three days.

You can request days, but you must also be prepared that your section leader can assign shifts if necessary to get the solitaire going.

How do I get to Holmenkollen?

The easiest way is to take the subway, line 1, from the center of Oslo to Holmenkollen. There are no parking options for the public in or around Holmenkollen.

Does the ticket include travel by public transport?

Unfortunately not. A Ruter ticket must be purchased in addition and you can do that at or download the Ruter app and purchase your ticket there.

I need to take a companion with me. Does he/she have to pay full price for the ticket?

No, with a valid companion certificate you will only be charged an admin fee. The companion ticket must be purchased in the same zone as the user's ticket, and a valid companion certificate must be shown together with the ticket at the entry control. To order, send an email to .

Can I bring alcohol into the arena?

No, you are not allowed to bring alcohol. There will be a bag check when you enter the arena.

Can I bring a disposable grill or make a bonfire?

No, pyrotechnic and inflammable articles such as disposable grills and material for bonfires cannot be taken into the arena.

Can I bring a bicycle into the arena, and is there bicycle parking there?

Bicycles cannot be taken into the arena and there is no bicycle parking in the area. The bicycle must be left outside at your own risk.

Can I work with a friend?

We would like to be flexible so that you can work as a volunteer with a friend. At the same time, there are many guards to be distributed and manned, so we cannot give any guarantee for this.

Can I buy a ticket when I arrive at the arena?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee that there will be tickets left. We recommend that you buy in advance. It will also be more expensive to buy a ticket in the arena.

Can I buy food and drinks in Holmenkollen?

Yes, we have a large selection of food and drinks in Holmenkollen, and there are selling points in every ticketed zone. In the festival streets you will find various food trucks, and there is also food in the spectator tent. In the tent, you can also purchase wine and beer.

Can I experience World Cup Biathlon in the field?

No, during the World Cup Biathlon, only the inner piste network is used, and a ticket is required to gain access to the various public areas.

Can I watch the competitions as a volunteer?

As long as it doesn't conflict with your assigned shift, you can watch the competition. But remember that we usually sell out the capacity we have in the stands, especially in the ski stadium. It is therefore important that you as a volunteer do not take up space in the stands. Then you make the job of other volunteers more difficult, so use the space at Kapellskogen and VM-Haugen. Also remember that the public will still approach you and will expect your help as long as you wear the official outfit. You are our external face and must always be welcoming and helpful as long as you are in the arena.

Can I choose what I want to work on?

In your application to volunteer, you are advised to list your top 3 priorities based on what you want. Applications are processed on an ongoing basis, and emphasis will also be placed on previous experience and willingness to work. In other words, it is very much up to you to work with what you really want, but at the same time, there are some sections that do not need so many volunteers. We want highly motivated people who are excited to create a great event.

Can I take photos or videos of athletes in the stadium?

Yes, as an audience member you can take photos for your own private use. Feel free to tag us if you share on social media: #holmenkollen24
You are welcome to take photos and videos of the public areas and festival streets.

The organizing company, FIS/IBU and Infront have all rights to commercial images and films related to accredited areas (images/films of athletes/coaches within accredited areas).
If you wish to provide images to media or commercial parties, you must have your own accreditation, which must be applied for in advance of the event.

Can I bring a baby stroller?

Yes, but it depends on which spectator area you have bought a ticket for. It is possible to bring a baby stroller to the festival streets and to Kapellskogen, but please note that you will have to navigate through snow. It is not possible to bring a stroller into the stands.

Can I bring my own camera?

Yes, as long as it is a normal camera. You cannot bring professional camera equipment. It is also not allowed to stream the competition live anywhere. We also remind you that all photography and equipment must not become a disturbing element for the publinc during the competitions. We do not take responsibility for the storage of equipment.

Can I take my dog with me?

Due to large crowds and areas with little space, it is not possible to bring four-legged friends to our events in Holmenkollen.

Can I bring skis and sticks into the arena?

No, not into the arena. Skis and sticks must be left outside at your own risk.

Can I bring an umbrella?

No, you cannot bring an umbrella into the arena.

Can you work as a volunteer regardless of age?

No, there is an age limit of 18 to be a volunteer at Holmenkollen Skifestival . Beyond that, we want volunteers from all age groups.

Do I have to wear the volunteer outfit?

All volunteers are requested to wear the official World Cup attire. The outfit from Twentyfour can be purchased at a heavily discounted price. More information can be found in Rubic, where all volunteers must be registered.