Elementary school "Kollenday"

The response is great!
We invited Oslo Municipality's 5th-7th grades to an exciting day in "Kollen". The response from teachers and headteachers has exceeded all expectations - we are now expecting over 1,200 children and teachers!

In 2024, we are launching the Children's Schools' Collage Day during the Biathlon World Cup.
"The right to play and leisure" is a strong theme in Norwegian sport. We are passionate about ensuring that as many people as possible at a young age have good experiences related to skiing and physical winter activities.

On Thursday 29.2. and Friday 1.3. during the Biathlon World Cup, we want to give the students in the upper secondary school an unforgettable experience in Holmenkollen. A whole day outdoors with ski races and activities that can contribute to good cohesion and environment in the class. Barneskolens Kollendag is a low-threshold offer that we hope will support the schools' work on interaction and social skills, as well as the desire to be physically active outdoors.

The World Cup in Holmenkollen brings together the best winter athletes from many nations to compete in a historic arena in the winter nation of Norway. The World Cups in Holmenkollen Skifestival are more than just ski races. The ski races are a strong part of the Norwegian cultural heritage that we work sustainably to preserve and develop.

Lots of fun in Kapellskogen

In collaboration with the NorwegianSki Association and the NorwegianTouristAssociation ofOslo/Bærum, we create a skiing area, toboggan run and nature trail. We have ski equipment and space racers to borrow. The children will be able to practice their skiing balance and solve problems on the nature trail, and will get some good advice on how to cook food on the campfire. There will even be an opportunity for many to try laser shooting with the Norwegian Biathlon Association. We have volunteers who will help out at the various activity posts. After a few hours of activity in Kapellskogen, the classes will head to the stands to watch the excitement of the World Cup biathlon race.

It is important to collaborate with experienced outdoor organizations that want to help provide school children with fresh and useful guidance in our playful and safe outdoor areas! This year it will be the Oslo schools, and then we will evaluate and consider a geographical expansion in the invitation.


We hope that teachers and parents will use Collendagen to focus on play and outdoor life in lessons and at home. With this, young people can learn how to prepare for fun outdoor time and strengthen their sense of mastery. Food and health subjects can be linked to the outdoor day in a practical and fun way, with fire pans available. The Norwegian Ski Association's tips for food on hikes with children and DNT's recipes and good tips for hiking food.

Warm clothes are very important on such a winter day.
Watch the video "How to dress for a winter hike" made by DNT.

Our mascot, Braute, will be coming to Kapellskogen to cheer and greet everyone who wants to!

Our partner HMK Busselskap provides valuable and safe transportation for several of our young guests. HMK is one of Norway's and Europe's leading bus companies and has an office in Oslo.

If you have any questions about the Children's Schools' Collendag, please contact:
Kristine Skeie | Mob 917 89 585 | Holmenkollen Skifestival