"Kollen" Winter Lounge - new in 2024!

This year we are launching "Kollen" Winter Lounge at Haugen!

Skifestival means not only world-class skiing, but also DJs, friendship, a cozy lounge with fire pits and plenty of seating. 

Do you want to experience the rush of Hellnerbakken, sit around a warm fire with your friends, or enjoy the seating areas with live music from a DJ? Then "Kollen" Winter Lounge is the place for you.

The pile has plenty of space, so you can bring the whole group of friends.

A big screen will be set up in front of the ski jump, so you can follow the athletes throughout the course. Food and drinks will be available for purchase, or you can bring your packed lunch around the campfire.

This year we also have Crepe for sale from Crepe De La Crepe, which is filled with tasty ingredients for different flavors. This will be a perfect treat during the festival, come by and enjoy the taste of delicious Crepe.

Crepe De La Crepe menu:

- Sweet Cinnamon (Sugar and cinnamon, possibly with jam) 89,-

- Nutella 99,-

- Going bananas (Nutella and banana) 109,-

- Strawberry Madness (Nutella and strawberries) 119

- Bueno Fusion (Nutella, white Swiss chocolate and kinder bueno) 139,-

- Tasty Chicken (chicken, cheese, mushrooms, onions, creme fraiche and terayaki sauce) 169,-

- (Spinach, cheese, mushrooms, cherry tomato, caramelized onion and basil) 149,-

We have DJs in "Kollen" who will provide a great atmosphere in "Kollen". Here are the different times for the different Dj sets, join us and enjoy the atmosphere.

 DateTimes part 1DJTimes part 2DJ Time part 3 DJ Times part 4 DJWhat 
29.02.24    15:00-19:00Stray19:00-23:00OleHeffAfterski 
01.03.24    15:00-19:00Stray19:00-23:00OleHeffAfterski  
02.03.2410:00-13:30mirror man13:30-17:00  L&F    Winter Lounge outdoors
02.03.24   15:00-19:00mirror man19:00-23:00 Afterski 
03.03.2410:00-13:30 L&F13:30-17:00  L&F    Winter Lounge outdoors
09.03.2409:30-15:00        Winter Lounge outdoors
09.03.24    16:30-23:00 Stray19:30-23:00 StrayVIP tent 
10.03.2409:30-15:00        Winter Lounge outdoors

This will be a great meeting place, especially for those of you aged 14-18.
Ready for WorldCup-chill in "Kollen"? 🥳 This will be an experience you won't want to miss!

Save the date and get ready for amazing days full of fun, music and skiing joy in "Kollen" Winter Lounge.

"Kollen" Winter Lounge follows the ticket prices for "Haugen"
Ticket prices WC Biathlon per weekend day:
Adults NOK 340,- / Children up to and including 14 years NOK 135,-

Ticket prices WC Cross-country, nordic combined per day:
Adults NOK 320,- / Children up to 17 years NOK 95,- (incl. jumps)

See the program:

Biathlon World Cup 2024

World Cup Cross-Country, Nordic Combined and RAW AIR 2024

The view from "Kollen" Winter Lounge
Sit by the fire pit where you can enjoy yourself between the cheers!
Close to the world's best skiers at the top of Hellnerbakken at Haugen
Fire pits, seating areas and great music can be found at the top of Hellnerbakken on Haugen