Family area Kapellskogen

In Kapellskogen, there will be a range of fun activities for children throughout the day.
The area under the Chapel will be suitable for the youngest children, perhaps up to 12-13 years old.

You can stand close to the athletes as they fly past. Several times they will be walking the loops around Kapellskogen, so there will be a lot of cheering and exciting matches. Close to the trails and with a great view of almost the entire stadium, while the youngest can play and ski. Children can borrow ski equipment, toboggan boards and have fun on our activity trail. It is possible to eat your own food and use the fire pits. Otherwise, there will be sales of barbecue food and drinks from the tents in Kapellskogen.

Braute the mascot and friends welcome you all!

Braute welcomes you!

The view from Kapellskogen