A perfect family day out in "Kollen"

In Kapellskogen there will be a number of fun activities for children throughout the day.
The area under the Chapel will be suitable for the youngest children, from about 3 years old to perhaps up to 12-13 years old.

You can stand close to the athletes as they fly past. Several times they will be racing the loops around Kapellskogen, so there will be a lot of cheering and exciting matches. Close to the trails and with a great view of almost the entire stadium, while the youngest can play and ski. Children can borrow ski equipment, toboggan boards and have fun on our activity trail. It is possible to eat your own food and use the fire pits. Otherwise, there will be sales of barbecue food and drinks from the tents in Kapellskogen.

We recommend that the youngest children are carried in a baby carrier or on the shoulders. It is not easy to get to Kapellskogen with a stroller. There are stairs and rough forest terrain with snow to negotiate on the way to a playful arena.

Ticket prices WC Cross-country skiing, combined per weekend day:

Adults NOK 320,- / Children up to and including 17 years NOK 95,- (incl. jumps)

Find the full festival program here

Ticket prices WC Biathlon per weekend day 29.2.-3.3:

Adults NOK 290,- / Children up to and including 14 years NOK 135,-

Here's what you can experience

Skifestival also means family experiences, and we have plenty of them. Bring the whole family and enjoy yourselves:

  • Face paint
  • It will be possible to borrow skis so that the children can try their hand at our fun forest trail.
  • There will be a pea bag toss and ladder golf
  • A live DJ will be playing music throughout the day and creating a great atmosphere in Kapellskogen.


The phantom orange is coming!

All kids love Fantorangen - and at "Kollen" he's coming with hosts Mathias and PJ from NRK Super to show off in Festivalgaten! You can meet the super gang on Sundays March 3 and 10.

Sunday, March 3

10:45-11:30 NRK Super Show
11:45-12:15 Meet & greet - meet Fantorangen and Braute

Sunday, March 10

13:00-13:45 NRK Super Show
14:00-14:30 Meet & greet - meet Fantorangen and Braute

Come to Festivalgate SØR in "Kollen" and watch NRK Super Show!

Read more about Fantorangen and NRK Super Show here

Braute is looking forward to seeing you

  • Braute has made it to Holmenkollen and is looking forward to seeing all the children in Kapellskogen again! He brings his friends up to Kapellskogen to take photos and greet all the children.
  • There will also be a tug-of-war on Saturday, March 2 and 9, so Braute and his friends need help from the kids to pull.
  • Braute is hosting a disco in Kapellskogen, so get out your best dance moves.

Children's Mini World Cup

The Children's Mini World Cup will be held during the weekend of March 9-10. Here, all children, regardless of ability, can come and try their hand at skiing.

The most important thing for us is that children find the joy of skiing! We have ski equipment on loan, so don't bring your own. This will be the ultimate experience for the youngest skiers.

The organizer has its own announcer who will create a good atmosphere throughout the Children's Mini World Cup. All children get their own start number, and everyone gets a prize at the end.

Read more about the Children's Mini World Cup here


Children's school collage day 2024

In 2024, we will launch Children's Schools' Collage Day during the Biathlon World Cup.

"The right to play and leisure" is a strong theme in Norwegian sport. We are passionate about ensuring that as many people as possible at a young age have good experiences related to skiing and physical winter activities.

On Thursday 29.2. and Friday 1.3. during the Biathlon World Cup, we want to give the students in the upper secondary school an unforgettable experience in Holmenkollen. A whole day outdoors with ski races and activities that can contribute to good cohesion and environment in the class. Barneskolens Kollendag is a low-threshold offer that we hope will support the schools' work on interaction and social skills, as well as the desire to be physically active outdoors.

Read more about Barneskolens Kollendag here

The rush is coming!

Rusken is the City of Oslo's initiative for a clean and pleasant city, and children who attend kindergarten in Oslo are probably already familiar with Rusken, as they have many clean-up campaigns with Barnehagerusken.

  • He will attend disco and tug-of-war.
  • Rusken brings a sorting basketball for the children to participate in.
  • Rusken has also brought waffles to hand out with the Rusken logo to the audience in Kapellskogen.
  • It will also be possible to meet Rusken during the meet and greet, where you can also take pictures with Braute and all his friends.