All about Marka

It's almost time for the exciting 5-mile race in Marka, are you prepared?

During the weekend of March 8-10, Marka will be full of happy people and good vibes. What's important to us is that everyone is well prepared before heading out into Marka for a great festival. This way, we can enjoy ourselves together, but at the same time take care of nature and each other. 

In the parking lot at Sporten, there will be heating tents where you can warm up between lifts.

We've gathered information for those heading out into Marka, so you can find everything in one place. Everything from food and drink to an overview of the area.

Map of the area

Packing list

What do I need for a day in Marka? We have the answer:

  • Warm clothes, extra jacket and overtrousers
  • Extra socks
  • Good, warm shoes
  • Seat pads
  • Packed lunch/barbecue
  • Water bottle
  • Thermos, with hot drink
  • Norwegian flags
  • Good mood

We have a drug-free zone this year too!

For us at Sports Without Alcohol, it is important to work towards a drug-free sports zone, and we are committed to developing attractive, drug-free meeting places. We believe that sport should be a safe, inclusive and alcohol-free zone!

During Holmenkollen 2019, we created a camp together with KRIK, among others, and we want to repeat this this year. At our camp you will not find any form of alcohol, and you who do not use drugs/alcohol are warmly welcome, regardless of age. Bring a friend or ten, your family or other acquaintances.

We look forward to creating a good atmosphere with you! It's a privilege to help create a drug-free zone at one of Norway's biggest folk festivals.

The camp opens as early as Friday evening, and the folk festival will remain open for most hours until Sunday. It all opens with an overnight stay in the field, and the opportunity to wake up to a sea of people. By the time the ski races begin, the camp will be well underway with dances, waffle making, juice distribution, commentators and ski games! Not least, great emphasis will be placed on cheering on the athletes as they sail past the area!

Food sales

Without food and drink, the hero is no good!

Food and drink are important, which is why we have arranged several different stalls up in Marka.

  • Gilde will be selling hot dogs and burgers.
  • Bekkereinan comes with moose kebabs.
  • Then there will also be a popcorn stand in the area.

Waste management

It's important to us that we do as much as we can to keep nature clean.

Therefore, there will be many waste points with orange beach flags that are clearly visible, where litter can be delivered.

Please bring your own garbage bag as well.

Glass bottles are NOT allowed!

We are very pleased that Norsk Gjenvinning is on the team this year, as they handle the waste from the entire Ski Festival, including from Marka.


Joint venture

Holmenkollen Skifestival is concerned about health, safety and the environment during the festival in Marka.

In collaboration with the agencies and many organizations, we provide

  • Health workers and red crosses that can take care of injuries
  • Volunteer guards, professional guards from PSS and police coordination
  • Toilets and other necessary infrastructure
  • Waste points and waste management
  • Cleaning up litter in Marka after the event

This entails major costs for us, somewhere between 1-1.5 million! This is a large amount for a non-profit organization that is largely based on volunteerism.

We therefore ask everyone who participates in the festival, but also parents and the entire population of Oslo to help us.

Contribute to the fundraising team so that we can keep the festival safe and Marka clean.

VIPPS to Holmenkollen Skifestival: 90 73 58

How do I get to Marka?

Not sure how to get to Marka?

If you are going to Marka during the weekend 8-10. March, we recommend that you allow plenty of time.

Line 1 has Holmenkollen as its last stop, from there you have to walk along Holmenkollveien all the way up to Marka.

Allow plenty of time, be considerate and take care of each other, as there are many people going up to the area at the same time.

It's also a very nice walk from the city center up to Marka, if you want a walk 🙂

Read more about transportation here

Ground rules

It is important to us that we take care of nature and consider each other, these always apply:

  • Follow calls from the police, the volunteers or the organiser.
  • Familiarize yourself with the transport options in advance and follow the instructions.
  • Glass bottles are NOT allowed. Non-combustible material (glass, plastic etc.) should NOT be thrown onto the fire.
  • DO NOT throw snuff and/or smoke on the ground or in the snow.
  • Do not leave any waste, rubbish or bottles in the forest! It is YOUR responsibility to take all waste with you and dispose of it in the rubbish points located along the trail. Use the rubbish bags you are given and feel free to bring your own.
  • Use posted toilets.
  • Remember that you are affected more quickly in the cold. Drink water and eat well during and beforehand.
  • Never walk away from a smoldering fire. Leave the trees alone. Bring your own firewood or buy from the firewood sale at Sporten.
  • Campers, tent pitches and fire pits must be located at least 20 meters from the competition course.
  • Remember that you will be out in the forest for many hours. Dress well and wear good shoes.
  • Take care of each other and those around you!

Download "Holmenkollen Skifestival"

We want everyone in Marka to download our app too.

Join great competitions and get an overview of the entire program and more.


Turn on location tracking in the app to always receive valuable information if conditions change and we need to reach you as soon as possible, for example in case of an emergency, evacuation - or to give you smart tips on the traffic situation and the journey home.

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