The Kollen Conference

On Tuesday, October 31, we invite you to Kollenkonferansen.
With Petter Stordalen and Per Valebrokk in the podcast "Stormkast" from the stage. There will be passionate engagement and exciting discussions!

Time: October 31, 9 am - 12 pm.
Location: Høymagasinet, Myntgata 7, Oslo (by Kontraskjæret/Akershus Festning)
Price: NOK 300 for participation with simple refreshments

Leadership and diversity in our time

A morning packed with knowledge, inspiring conversations and shared experiences. Hear from experienced leaders in Norwegian business, and presentations that will grab you.
- How do we keep the best minds in the team?
- A strong performance culture, on what terms?
- What does it take to have a diversity that takes care of the individual employee?
- From top athlete to employee and colleague, what do you take with you ?

Here are the leaders you will meet at Kollenkonferansen and Stormcast Live:
- Karianne Solbrække, editor for news and current affairs at TV2, and part of the management and editorial group
- Morten Djupvik, Secretary General of the Norwegian Biathlon Federation and former national team coach for men's cross-country skiing
- Vibeke Munthe Kaas, Head of Clients & Markets at KPMG, and part of KPMG's group management
- Espen Skorstad, founder and head of Fairsight, specialist in work and organizational psychology
- Per Valebrokk, partner in Storm Communication, host of Stormkast
- Petter Stordalen, hotel owner and culture builder in Strawberry, investor, and host of Stormkast
- Helen Mollatt and Espen Sperre, respectively. CEO and athlete in the organization Idretten skaper sjanser
- Grete Ingeborg Nykkelmo, CEO Ungt Entreprenørskap, board work and former top athlete

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The Kollen Conference is an arena where leaders from the business, sports and public sectors meet to contribute to sustainable development from a societal perspective. With Kollenkonferansen, we will build on and learn from history as we look to the future together with inspiring and knowledgeable contributors and partners. The Kollen Conference was held for the first time in connection with the 2023 Biathlon World Cup.

Sincerely yours

Norwegian Biathlon Federation,
Norwegian Ski Federation & Holmenkollen Skifestival