Welcome to a unique experience

We offer an engaging arena for your employees and customers. Sport is strong in Norway. Great achievements in winter sports bring with them pride, passion and a lot of joy. The most traditional arena for winter sports has a lot to offer businesses that will add an extra dimension to relations with employees, customers and suppliers.

Sign with VIP on - tribune north

Sit together by the fire?

In Holmenkollen Skifestival we tailor unique experiences for the business community, for small and large companies.
In Norway, we are proud of our national resort and want to create the best atmosphere for you and your guests. Welcome to Holmenkollen Skifestival and the heart of skiing!

Treat yourself to a VIP experience

VIP "Kollen" we'll set up a delicious buffet, your own table, music and visits from national team profiles on stage that will give you exclusive insight into the performances in the arena. It's a short walk to the orchestra area in the arena, where you can follow the sporting duels and experience the festival. After the races, we invite you to an après-ski in Kollenkafeen from 17:00.

Quality for you and your guests in VIP "Kollen":

  • Reserved tables and reserved area in the ski jump and at Tribune SØR
  • Interviews with managers and athletes from the associations
  • Music from the stage
  • Catering and buffet by Fursetgruppen
  • Bar with a good selection of drinks
  • Dedicated toilet facilities for VIPs "Kollen"
  • Sports broadcasted on TV between competitions
  • Dedicated host for larger groups
  • Access to après-ski downstairs after the competitions
VIP guests 2022, with backpack and Norwegian flags

Lavvo in Kapellskogen or on Haugen

Want to gather a group in your own lavvo?
The lavvos come in different sizes to suit guests from 50 to 300 people.
Guests are close to the athletes and the action on the slopes, which makes for an unforgettable experience, and we have repeat customers who want to come to the ski festival in "Kollen".

Together with you, we create an intimate and pleasant atmosphere with heat and light, fire pans and benches with reindeer skins. The serving can be as varied as you wish. A big screen, giveaways and music are spices that appeal to many.

Contact anne-birgitte@hkskifestival.no to discuss options based on your group's needs and your wishes.

Lavvo World Cup Biathlon 2022

Kollenstua part of the VIP offer in "Kollen"

Want a taste of the VIP experience in Holmenkollen during the 5-mile race?

VIP Kollenstua

This is the product for those who want a little trip to VIP to warm and cozy up with a good meal and/or drink, and enjoy a warm atmosphere.

This will be a more affordable alternative to VIP "Kollen", but has many of the same facilities. Delicious sausage buffet, where Strøm-Larsen's sausages and accessories abound with good flavors. Kollenbaren is of course open for the purchase of drinks, and coffee is on us.

In the same premises as VIP "Kollen" , you'll get music and entertainment from the stage!

Age limit 18 years.

If you have already bought a ticket for the main stand or Haugen/Kapellskogen and want a seat in VIP, you can upgrade your ticket to VIP Kollenstua.