Volunteer sections

Being part of the volunteer team at Holmenkollen Skifestival is a fantastic experience. The world's best winter sports athletes up close, a unique audience, important tasks and a unity that gives value to most people. You can of course choose whether you contribute to the Nordic World Cup and the Biathlon World Cup, and some people also volunteer at both events.

Initially, you can register yourself and your contact information in our volunteer pool.
You do not commit to specific days or tasks, but when we arrive in November, you will receive more information about the work we will do together - and then decide what you want to work on.

Join the team!

In mid-October, we will open for you to register your wishes for an event, section/role, - and tell a little more about your background and motivation for joining the "Kollen" team.


Everyone, apart from the audience, needs accreditation to be able to move inside the arena. This group ensures that everyone gets the right accreditation in relation to the responsibilities and tasks to be carried out. A good service attitude is important. We need you who is structured, service minded, can work with data and who is fluent in Norwegian and English. You must be able to contribute something ahead of the event week as well.

Accreditation control

The arena is divided into many different zones, and the accreditation indicates where you can enter, and it is critical for the safety and flow of the event that the access rules for the various zones are maintained and followed. Our volunteers in this section ensure that the right accredited people enter the right area. Officials here must be able to be authoritarian, but in a flexible and pleasant way.


The section organizes for Antidoping Norway and ensures that athletes who are selected for doping control are accompanied by chaperones and otherwise follow the applicable guidelines.

Ticket office

Spectators who have not pre-purchased a ticket must purchase it when they arrive at Holmenkollen. This section sits in the box office and makes sure that is possible. You must be familiar with numbers and simple mental arithmetic. You must be reliable and service minded.

Content & Social Media

Both before, during and after the event, we want to be highly visible in social media, website and in the media image. Here we are looking for skilled and creative people who know the dynamics of social media, who are able to familiarize themselves with the target groups and develop good messages that really hit home. Here there are opportunities to contribute all year round, if you wish!

Event Support

We have many accredited groups that will be served during the event in Holmenkollen, and thus also a lot of goods that will be distributed around the facility. This gang is responsible for this. If you have a driving licence, are outgoing and approachable, this may be the section for you. You must also be able to handle heavy lifting and have good collaboration skills.

Family camp and activities

Holmenkollen Skifestival should also be fun for the little ones, and this section is tasked with organizing and carrying out activities for children on the event days. If you are good with children, creative, outgoing and want a playful experience as an official in "Kollen", then this is the perfect job for you.


Sports stars and happy people are gathered in a national arena decorated for a folk festival. Officials in this section capture all the wonderful moments during the World Cup in Holmenkollen. A role in this section requires some experience and good expertise in the field, and you must provide your own camera and your own PC for editing.

Volunteer catering

Want to make an important contribution to those who work hard behind the scenes for the event? This is probably the most grateful target group to work towards. The tasks involve serving fresh waffles, a hot cup of coffee, something good to bite into, and otherwise keeping things tidy and contributing to a good atmosphere in the volunteer café. You must expect some physical work as there will be a lot of moving tables, receiving food etc.


This section is responsible for the daily HSE review of the arena, carries out risk assessments and works constantly with preventive measures to avoid unwanted incidents. Often assists other sections in challenges they cannot solve on their own. You are a person who has a good overview of the arena and is solution-oriented. You must expect some work during the day ahead of the event, and some physical work.


This section must ensure that the execution of the ski jumping competitions is of high quality and with the best possible and equal competition conditions. All the ski jumping races in the World Cup Nordic are held in Holmenkollbakken, HS134. The section has all kinds of tasks related to the ski jumping, and you have to expect a lot of physical work.

IBU Family Club

The IBU Family Club ensures that team members receive food and drink in the facility. We are looking for you who are service minded, who like to cook/serve food and coffee, and who have no problem showing discretion towards performers and support equipment.


Not only is it critical that timing and sports technical solutions work like clockwork, but most other sections also have some kind of ICT need. Network cables must be in place, printers must be installed and configured, sales booths must be connected, and NRK must be assisted if necessary. You should ideally have a good knowledge of the subject area.

Nordic Combined

This section takes care of the administration related to the nordic combined competitions during the World Cup Nordic, and helps to ensure that the races are carried out in a good and flexible way. They ensure that participating nations are kept up-to-date with information, organize various race meetings, and provide the necessary service for the participating nations.


Race management for cross-country is responsible for execution the cross-country competitions during the Nordic World Cup. This involves rigging the ski stadium, working with the slopes, timing, follow-up of changing and waxing stalls, follow-up of the team café and arrangements for athletes and support equipment. This is a large section with many volunteers and many tasks, and cooperation is a key word. Many of the tasks involve physical work, so you should be in good shape.

Lavvo Hospitality

We have many lavvos in the facility, and have guest groups of different sizes. This section coordinates the various needs of these guest groups and hosts the event.

Tracks – WC Biathlon

The pistes section, in close cooperation with Oslo Municipality, ensures that the world's best biathletes can go on world-class prepared pistes.

The trail crew is responsible for guarding, erecting and dismantling fences, deploying ridge pans, checking the passage of contestants, measuring temperatures and marking the trails. If the weather and snow conditions dictate it, it is important that you are ready to take on a roof.

Media Operations

Here, it is important to be solution-oriented and to go to great lengths to ensure that those who will pass on the event via the media channels have as good and efficient working conditions as possible. You must coordinate the press conferences, keep control of the Mixed Zone and photo stand, the press center must be rigged, and food and drink must be available

The Environment Section

As an organiser, we are very keen to take care of the environment and ensure white snow in the future as well. This is an important area for Holmenkollen Skifestival and the section works with preventive and preparatory work so that everyone in the arena has the opportunity to sort at the source. If you are systematic and orderly and concerned about the environment and see the value of focusing on this in connection with large events, we want you in this section.

National stalls

There is quite a bit of a solitaire to arrange for ski wax, ski testing and changing stalls, as well as other services for the teams in the arena. This section ensures this, and at the same time ensures that the necessary health and safety measures are observed.

Public service

Volunteers in this section are the event's external face and are one of the most important factors in making the public feel welcome, safe and looked after. This group is positive, welcoming, has good knowledge of today's program and detailed knowledge of emergency exits/toilets/red cross/kiosk/stand overview etc. Full stands, jubilant noise and waving flags are the goal, but then it is also important to have good audience flow in the arena.

Advertising rig

This section ensures that all the various sponsors and partners get the right exposure around the arena. There is a lot to go up and down, so you should be happy to take a hold. The result is a beautiful arena. Experience with snowmobiling is an advantage.

The resource group

This is a group that helps us ahead of the event. There is an extremely large amount that needs to be ready, and this section helps us prepare various materials. We need help to produce notification cards, laminate posters, pack tickets and much more. We need you who are flexible, patient and structured, and who have the opportunity to come in a few days before it really breaks loose.


This is the section for you who like order and have good technical knowledge of communication/radio. The main task is to coordinate the issuing and submission of communications, as well as to provide technical assistance


Sanitation is in place in the facility to provide medical assistance to accredited persons and the public, should it be necessary. A very important role for you with the right expertise in the specialist area.


The framework for the competition is set with a proper opening ceremony, and well-coordinated flower and prize ceremonies. We work closely with arena production and Garden, as well as everyone who will contribute with the opening ceremony and distribution, and ensure that everything happens at the right time.

Watching in the woods

This group works to arrange for, and take care of, the thousands of spectators who want to follow the ski party from the ground. Another important task is to keep the field clean and free of litter. We need you who enjoy working with people and who can take on challenges head on. You must also have the ability to create a good and safe atmosphere and not be afraid to take a stand. Here we need a wide range of volunteers, so if you want to contribute, you are welcome!

Shooting range

In biathlon, it is often decided on the shooting range. The first priority is to ensure safety, then it is necessary to ensure that the shooting range is shoveled, salted and leveled according to all the rules of the art. Mats must be laid out, t-stakes set up, gun mounts must be looked over, shooting results noted, cardboard discs changed, wind pennants hung up/down, and deposit organized.

Stadium – WC Biathlon

The Holmenkollen Ski Stadium rarely looks more elegant than when this section has been in swing. Courses, penalty rounds, signs, finish lines and starting lines are set up with centimeter precision. At the same time, the section must also ensure ski marking, weapon marking, weapons control, and transport of athletes' clothing between start and finish. We are looking for you who are ready to take on a job.

Team Services

This section provides national hosts with language skills to support teams and athletes from arrival to departure. In addition, we set up information desks at the hotels and these are staffed from morning to evening. As a volunteer for this section, you are primarily service oriented and are ready to answer big and small questions - whether it concerns the event itself, weather reports, departure information, social "happenings", food orders, storage of items and much more.


Accuracy is the key word here. This section installs transponders, ensures manual timing, electronic timing, intermediate timing and provides results service to the media.

Traffic & Parking

Those with an eye for events know how critical traffic and parking management is for logistics. One wrongly parked car is enough to create a mess in the system. This group ensures that only accredited cars are parked where they are supposed to be, that the necessary fences are put up, and has a close dialogue with the traffic police - and contributes to the public having a safe and good experience on the way in/out of the arena.


Transporten is responsible for the movement of, and service to, athletes, managers and support staff, representatives from international federations and other accredited guests. You must be service minded, be well known in Oslo and act professionally. In addition, we require that you have had a class B driving license for at least 3 years and that you are a safe and calm driver.

Venue setup (arena rig)

In connection with the event, there are many operational tasks that need to be followed up. These include fencing, taking out garbage racks, shoveling and other ad hoc tasks that arise just before the event. Most of the work is done in advance of the event, but tasks can of course arise along the way. No task is too big or too small, and you'll have a variable working day. To fit in here, you must be in a good mood, be prepared for interview work and have a strong desire to work. It is a requirement that you can contribute at least one of the weekdays before the start of the competition (Monday to Thursday)".


This is the section for you who are outgoing and social, service minded, and who have control over table placements, orders and planned activities. The VIP section ensures that invited guests, sponsors and others with VIP tickets are well looked after. Language skills are a plus!