Welcome to Holmenkollen!

The Press & Media Group is at your service in Holmenkollen during the FIS World Cup Nordic and RAW AIR competitions  6-8 March 2020.

The Press & Media Chief is Ola Tangen
email ola@hkskifestival.no tel: +47 473 55 172

The Assistant Press & Media Chief is Janne Schonheyder
email janne.schonheyder@gmail.com tel +47 916 76 194

The Press & Media Center is located close to both the cross country and the ski jump arena. The opening times are found in the media guide, as well as information regarding accommodation, transportation and accreditation.


Media Guide Holmenkollen Skifest 2020



Please contact the Help Desk at the Press & Media Center for more information.

For general media enquiries og questions regarding the Press and media center, please contact LOC’s Head of Communications and the Chief of Press, Ola Tangen: ola@hkskifestival.no or +47 916 76 194



The FIS World Cup Nordic Holmenkollen profile includes different logo for different purposes. Please contact us at ola@hkskifestival.no for questions regarding logo.



Contact details
For questions related to telecommunications, WIFI, power supply, frequencies etc. please contact the LOC’s Technology Manager eirik.karlsen@skiforeningen.no or +47 995 63 653.