All journalists and photographers need to apply for accreditation through our online application system. Accreditations will only be given to working press. If you are a blogger etc. please send an e-mail to media@holmenkollen.com


The deadline for application is 25 February.

Please follow the link below to apply for accreditation:


Please note that the accreditation is personal and that you have to get the accreditation in person. Remember to bring your press card and/or ID! A FIS disclaimer must be signed upon pickup. Accreditations can be picked up in the ticket booth close to the Press Center.


Accreditations for International TV, Radio, production and internet companies requesting to film footage of the Event, are to be submitted directly to the TV & Media rights holder of this Event, Infront Sports & Media: kindly address such requests to Aleksander Emder at Alexander.Emde@infrontsports.com or Lorenzo Pala at Lorenzo.Pala@infrontsports.com

Accreditations can be picked up in the ticket booth close to the Press Center 

Note: We are following the FIS Covid 19 health protocol for the event, so be aware of that you need to present a negativ PCR-test that is not older than 48 hours, to get an accreditation to the event. Please see the media guide for further information.