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When will the FIS World Cup Nordic take place?
From March 9th – 11th 2018.

Where will the event be held?
The events will take place in Holmenkollen, Oslo.

Which events make up the World Cup Nordic event?
Nordic combined, ski jumping and cross country.

Where can I find the program?
You can find the program here.


How much do tickets cost?
Tickets are available at different prices. The different ticket categories are listed here.

Where can I buy tickets to the FIS World Cup Nordic in Holmenkollen?
Tickets are on sale from October 12th at

How do I receive the tickets?
When you are on the Tickemaster website, select the option you prefer:

  • You can print the ticket out yourself
  • You can pick up the tickets from your local Posten post office
  • You can have the tickets sent to your home address

Am I entitled to a refund if I fail to collect my tickets?

Am I entitled to a refund if I cannot attend the event?

Can I change my booking if I have bought the wrong tickets?

Will you replace tickets that are lost or stolen?

Where can I see the different spectators’ areas in the arena?
You can see the different areas on our spectator chart here.

Can I buy tickets on the day when I arrive at the arena?
Yes, but we cannot guarantee that there will be any tickets left. The tickets are also cheaper when you buy in advance. We strongly recommend that you buy your tickets in advance.

I have to be accompanied by an assistant. Does he/she have to pay full price for the tickets?
No, official assistants may enter free of charge on presenting a valid companion certificate at the ticket check.


Are there car parks in Holmenkollen?
There is only limited parking close to the arena for disabled people. Other than that, there is nowhere to park in Holmenkollen during the event.

How can I travel to Holmenkollen?
The simplest approach is to take the metro (T-bane 1) from the centre of Oslo to Holmenkollen.

How long will it take me to travel from the centre of Oslo to Holmenkollen?
The journey on the metro (T-bane) takes approx. 20 minutes. Allow plenty of time for travel, as a great many people will be making the same trip. The arena is 10 minutes or so on foot from the metro station.


Is anything happening in Holmenkollen before the competitions start?
Yes, there will be all sorts of activities in the ‘festival street” in the run-up to the competitions. Attractions will include live music, sale of official Holmenkollen merchandise, great food and drink, and much more besides.

When do the doors to the arena open?
The doors open 09:30 on Saturday March 10th and at 09:00 Sunday March 11th.

Is it easy to find your way around the arena?
Yes, the arena will be well signposted. In addition, our dedicated staff will be happy to answer your questions if you cannot find your way.

Can I stand alongside the tracks through the woods and watch the competitions free of charge?
Yes. The “marka” area is a popular spectator area during the 30 and 50K cross country race. Read more about this area here.

Can I bring a pram/pushchair?
You can bring a pram/pushchair to the family campsite area in Kapellskogen woods. You cannot have a pram/pushchair with you in the stands.

Can I bring a dog?

Can I buy food and drink in Holmenkollen?
Yes, there will be booths selling food and drink in each ticket area. In addition, you will find a large spectator tent on the festival street, which is open to everyone.

Will there be anywhere I can go to keep warm?
Yes, the first floor in the spectator tent is open to everyone.

Will there be plenty of toilets?
There will be toilets in most spectator areas. There is also a separate toilet for disabled people close to the main stand.

Are there special places for disabled people?
Yes. We have set up special places for disabled people on the top of the main stands.

Will you be providing interpreting services?
We hope to provide sign language interpreter from NAV interpreting services, more info will come.


Do you have any good tips for finding accommodation in Oslo?
Visit Oslo presents a good overview of accommodation options in Oslo, read more here 


Didn’t find an answer to your question?
Then contact us at, and we will do our very best to help you.

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