We are looking forward to seeing your happy face in Holmenkollen again in March!

Here is an overview of the different stands, other spectator areas and the facilities near each stand. There are big screens, PA systems and food stalls in most ticket zones.
Cross-country Stadium 

At the Cross-country Stadium you will find Grandstand North, which has a capacity of 5000 spectators. Here, you can enjoy the race during the 50 km and 30 km cross-country and enjoy the great atmosphere with the help of our wonderful commentators. You also have a good view to the big screen from the stands.
Behind the stand, there will be some food stalls where you can get burgers, hot dogs, something to drink and other snacks.


As part of our Arena Ticket, you will find VM-Haugen. This is the perfect combination of being out in the woods and watch the athletes up close along the tracks. In this area you will also have the opportunity to get something to eat or drink, and you can follow the competitions on a big screen as well. 


Ski Jump (A + B-H)
You can’t really miss it. The famous Holmenkollen Ski Jumping Hill has plenty of spaces for ski jumping enthusiasts. There are two areas in the stands. The premium spot is the A Stand, where you will have a great view of Oslo and it will feel like the athletes are jumping over your head. If you have a B-H ticket there is free seating for the other areas, and you will of course have a great view of the competitions here as well. 

There will not be a tribune in the south part of the Cross-country Stadium and no VIP area in 2022. The other area in the woods, Kapellskogen, will be closed.