Volunteered in Holmenkollen - got a permanent job.

- Being a volunteer gave me the experience I needed to be called in for an interview, says Marianne Halberg (33).

Marianne has been a volunteer at Holmenkollen Skifestival since 2016, but was really only going to work for a year to gain some work experience.

- After my studies, I think it was very difficult to be a job seeker. I was not called in for interviews, and lacked relevant experience. I actually got a job at the Norwegian Gymnastics and Gymnastics Association right after the event, simply because I had volunteered in Holmenkollen.

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Nice gang

Marianne is now section leader for accreditation control, the team that looks after the entrances to the media and participants.

- Here we greet the athletes in the morning and say good evening to the media in the evening. I am really looking forward to meeting my team again this year. There are many of the same ones that come every year. It is a really nice group and we are very good at welcoming new volunteers.

Hard to quit

This will be your eighth year here. Why didn't you quit after the first year when you had got a permanent job?

- Being a volunteer in Holmenkollen is great fun! You'll make friends for life, you'll meet performers, the media and lots of festive audiences and you'll be part of this fantastic atmosphere. you will gain good competence to take with you further. It is difficult to give up in this job, laughs Marianne.

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