Setting the pace for new "Kollen" roar

OBOS extends its partnership with Holmenkollen Skifestival- "Kollen" -brølet represents a proud, Norwegian winter sports tradition that we at OBOS are happy to support, says sponsorship manager Rasmus Aarflot.

OBOS has collaborated with Holmenkollen Skifestival for a number of years, and now it is clear that the partnership will be extended.
- It is a great pleasure that OBOS is with us for the next two years as the main partner of Holmenkollen Skifestival, says sponsor and marketing manager Anne-Birgitte Svae-Kvifte in Holmenkollen Skifestival.

- Theright partner
Svae-Kvifte believes OBOS is an important and absolutely right partner for Holmenkollen Skifestival and refers, among other things, to the concept of Camp OBOS in Kapellskogen, which gives OBOS members the opportunity to experience skiing traditions, community and enthusiasm in the national resort Holmenkollen.
- OBOS members will get to see great sporting achievements up close, sit around the same fire and get good food served in our beautiful lavvo in Kapellskogen. An exciting and different winter experience for both young and old. In addition, the collaboration will strengthen the proximity to the OBOS members and we will spread public celebration and skiing joy together," says Svae-Kvifte.

Køllen roar for more
OBOS is also pleased that the collaboration continues:

- "We are very pleased that through this agreement we are helping to continue the proud Norwegian winter sports tradition that the "Kollen" weekend actually is," says Rasmus Aarflot, Head of Sponsorship at OBOS.

- The agreement means that we can offer OBOS members a good discount on tickets to the various events, and thus even more people, both current and new generations, can experience the "Kollen" roar and the fantastic atmosphere in the national facility during these days up close. We're really looking forward to seeing Norwegian and international winter athletes in cross-country, ski jumping and nordic combined in fierce competition for the top positions," he concludes.

For further comments, please contact:
Anne-Birgitte Svae-Kvifte, Sponsor and Marketing Manager, tel. 977 16 111
Rasmus Aarflot, Head of Sponsorship OBOS, tel. 959 65 555

Do you want to experience "Kollen" roar and skifestival?
The experiences are lining up for those who make the trip to "Kollen" March 8-10! Check out the program and offers.

About Holmenkollen Skifestival
Holmenkollen Skifestival is an organizing company that annually organizes the World Cup Nordic sports (cross-country, nordic combined and RAW AIR) and the World Cup Biathlon in Holmenkollen National Park in Oslo.
The World Cups attract about 70,000 guests as spectators each year, and about 1,400 athletes, support staff and representatives from the international federations, FIS and IBU.

Holmenkollen Skifestival is one of the best known and largest cultural/sports events in Norway. The events also have a high status internationally. The company builds on a proud tradition that dates back to the first ski jumping races in Holmenkollen in 1892 and is owned by the Norwegian Ski Association and the Norwegian Biathlon Federation.

About OBOS
Norway's largest housing association with over 560,000 members. OBOS' most important task is to build homes for its members, in addition to activities in banking, real estate brokerage, management, consulting and commercial real estate.
OBOS has a large social program with the goal of developing cities and towns. To contribute to life between the houses, OBOS has established the program "OBOS gives back", for good living and growing environments, climate and environment.

Rasmus Aarflot, Head of Sponsorship at OBOS, together with Head of Sponsorship and Marketing at Holmenkollen Skifestival, Anne-Birgitte Svae-Kvifte and the rest of the organizing staff
From Camp OBOS during the Nordic World Cup in 2023