Start lists for Holmenkollen Skishow - cross-country junior and senior

Holmenkollen Skifestival, the Norwegian Ski Federation and the Norwegian Biathlon Federation are organizing a roller ski race in Holmenkollen tomorrow, Saturday 10 June. The entire Norwegian junior and senior elite in cross-country and biathlon will participate with few exceptions.
The start list shows an impressive starting field for the 3 km prologues at 17:45 and 17:50.
The top 50 athletes will move on to a 9 km chase start at 19:55. The athletes will race three laps of 3 km, making it an action-packed show for the audience to follow. The junior race starts at 13.00, with two laps of 3 km.

Start lists for Holmenkollen Skishow, cross-country junior and senior.

The biathlon elite is in place with an always exciting Single mixed relay, in a 1.3 km course.
Start lists are being finalized by the jury.

During the Holmenkollen Ski Show, there will also be children's and youth activities where everyone who wants to try laser shooting, obstacle courses, pole machine, roller skiing and other fun exercises with the world's best ski and biathlon athletes ringside. Read more about the program for the day.