Summary of Saturday in Holmenkollen

Summary of Saturday in Holmenkollen, from organizer Holmenkollen Skifestival

- I would first like to thank all those involved in facilitating a new public festival in Holmenkollen. Throughout the day, there has been fantastic cooperation between the police, security guards from PSS Securitas, the fire service, Ruter, the Red Cross, the City of Oslo and us as organizers, with 1,100 volunteers. Holding a public festival in Holmenkollen for thousands of people is a huge and complex operation, and I am full of respect and admiration for all the talented people who are at work today and ensure a great day for the vast majority of people. It's a brilliant team effort," says Stefan Marx, CEO of Holmenkollen Skifestival.

- I'd also like to thank those who showed up and created a great atmosphere inside the arena and out in Marka. Even if it's the behavior of a few that steals the headlines, 95 percent of the party participants are great young people who are here to have a good time together and create a real party. The feedback from the Red Cross, police and volunteers is that they are also very good at looking after each other. Ruter also reports that the subway has been running smoothly all day, so we have to thank people for that too," says Marx.

The police estimate that around 20,000 people were gathered in Marka during the day. The Red Cross reports that a total of 129 people were taken care of by the medical services, most of whom received minor treatment. This is a good deal fewer than last year, when the figure was 173. No one was seriously injured during this year's festival.

Around 9,000 people bought tickets and witnessed the excitement inside the arena. There were reports of a good atmosphere and that people enjoyed the combined and women's five-mile race, with the royal family well represented in the stands.

The police report that around 50 people were expelled from Marka due to undesirable behavior. 

- When so many people are gathered for a party in the same place, many of them young people, we must expect some unfortunate incidents to occur. Unfortunately, this year too, some people consumed too much alcohol or other intoxicants, which led to several incidents involving arguments and fights that the police and security guards had to deal with. This calmed down after the five-mile race was over, when people began to gradually withdraw from Marka again. "It's unfortunate that some people can't control their intake and lose their sense of public decency, we simply don't want people like that at the festival in "Kollen"," says Marx.

- We're looking forward to another day in "Kollen" tomorrow, with the men's five-mile, combined and Raw Air. In addition, there are extra activities for the children. Among other things, Fantorangen and the NRK Superbus will be there, so we look forward to a great family day and welcome everyone to "Kollen", says Stefan Marx.