Oddvar Brå was speechless

Over the years, there have been many memorable events at Holmenkollen. One of the most discussed moments is perhaps the 1982 World Championships, when Oddvar Brå broke his pole.

Oddvar Brå was already a recognized cross-country skier in the 1980s when he took part in the relay at Holmenkollen. He had won several World Cup races and World Championship medals previously, and was one of the favorites to win the relay. But as he was about to take over the baton from another runner, one of the most dramatic moments in Norwegian cross-country history occurred.

- I was speechless and didn't quite understand what had happened," says Oddvar Brå.

Won two days before

Both Zavjalov and Brå know it's between the two. Just two days before, Oddvar Brå had beaten Zavjalov by 9 seconds in the men's 15 kilometer race.

- I was furiously angry with Zavjalov," Oddvar Brå adds with a laugh.

It was tough at the time, but today Brå and Russian Zavjalov are good friends and have met up to several times since the 1982 relay.