My best "Kollen" memory: Therese Johaug

In March, the annual folk festival in Holmenkollen returns. Therese Johaug has many memories from Holmenkollen. When asked what her best memory from Holmenkollen was, Johaug mentions the 2011 World Championships and last year's Skifestival where she did her last race. 

It's the World Championships in "Kollen" 2011, definitely. I must also say that I had a great experience on March 5, when I quit," says Therese Johaug with a smile.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the 2011 World Championships is one of her favourite memories, when she won two World Championship golds in Norway with an enthusiastic crowd in Holmenkollen. She also got to end her cross-country career with her very last 30km race in her home country in Holmenkollen during last year's skifestival.

Therese Johaug after winning the 2022 "treila". Photo: Jacques Holst

On Sunday 12 March, the women will do the "femmila" for the first time, Therese Johaug wishes she could do it herself. You can book tickets for the historic race here.

Public opinion

A big part of the ski festival is the folk festival. Johaug also highlights the folk festival in "Kollen" as one of the reasons why Holmenkollen is so special.

See this year's programme here.

"What's special about racing in Holmenkollen is first and foremost the history, but also the atmosphere, the course is full of people. You can see the city from the stadium and when you walk the course there is the smell of bonfires, cheering (...)," says Therese Johaug enthusiastically.

This autumn, Johaug took on a new role as a cross-country expert with NRK, and will be behind the scenes as a commentator during this year's skifestival. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences with the audience through the screen.