- Women do the 50km race every time we give birth!

- It's shocking that they haven't been involved before, but better late than never," says Sigrid Bonde Tusvik.

Sigrid Bonde Tusvik admits that she hasn't seen very many ski races, but she thinks it's high time women took part in the 50km race. And she has a number of good arguments for this when she travels up to Holmenkollen Skifestival.

On Sunday 12 March at 10.15 we will write skiing history in Holmenkollen when the women will run the 50km race for the first time! The ski festival invites you to a festive breakfast in the VIP tent, and on stage is Bonde Tusvik, together with a number of well-known profiles from skiing.

Not pushing men away

- I'm not a skiing expert, but that's what gender equality is all about - being able to do the same thing without pushing men away.

Women fight two battles

- It must be frustrating for the world's best women to have to face such battles, both to be the best in the sport, but also to fight to be allowed to participate on an equal footing with men. And that's what we will celebrate on Sunday 12 March, that women are now allowed to participate!

Johaug: -I would have liked to go myself.

Many believe it could be too long. Both for the runners and the public...?

- Here I am thinking: The longer the better. And why would it be too long for women. After all, we give birth. It's like doing a 50km race!

Practical info

Regular tickets for the Ski Festival can be found here.

For tickets to the festive breakfast or questions, please contact us here: tickets@hkskifestival.no  

(Tickets are valid for entrance to the VIP Tent including food, VIP Grandstand and all the day's exercises).

We offer a 10% group discount (10 people or more).