Watching in the woods? Learn these basic rules.

Audience in the field

Everyone who is going into the outfield to watch the men's and/or women's 50km race should familiarize themselves with the Norwegian Mountain Code. These rules always apply:

  • Follow calls from the police, the volunteers or the organiser.
  • Familiarize yourself with the transport options in advance and follow the instructions.
  • Glass bottles are NOT allowed. Non-combustible material (glass, plastic etc.) should NOT be thrown onto the fire.
  • DO NOT throw snuff and/or smoke on the ground or in the snow.
  • Do not leave any waste, rubbish or bottles in the forest! It is YOUR responsibility to take all waste with you and dispose of it in the rubbish points located along the trail. Use the rubbish bags you are given and feel free to bring your own.
  • Use posted toilets.
  • Remember that you are affected more quickly in the cold. Drink water and eat well during and beforehand.
  • Never walk away from a smoldering fire. Leave the trees alone. Bring your own firewood or buy from the firewood sale at Sporten.
  • Campers, tent pitches and fire pits must be located at least 20 meters from the competition course.
  • Remember that you will be out in the forest for many hours. Dress well and wear good shoes.
  • Take care of each other and those around you!