North Stand: 50% of tickets are sold

Young guy in the stands in the north during the Biathlon World Cup 2018

Ticket sales are well under way, and we have seen a significant boost lately. It seems that many people have realized that a ticket to the World Cup in Holmenkollen is the perfect Christmas gift.

North Stand most popular

Tickets for the North Stand seems to be our most popular ticket so far, most likely because it is used for both World Cup Nordic and Biathlon. It also has significantly less capacity than the ski jumping tribune, so those who are yet to secure a ticket for this year's Skifestival and would like a ticket on the north side of the stadium, should act fast.

World Cup Biathlon has been the most popular event so far, and we see that there are many foreign fans who are planning a trip to Oslo to watch the World Cup final. 50% of tickets for the North Stand are sold for Saturday 18 March and Sunday 19 March.

The North Stand has a capacity of 4250 people.

Give an experience as a Christmas gift

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