We need you!

Volunteer Heidi Kristiansen with the jump in the background

Our volunteers are extremely important for the successful completion of Holmenkollen Skifestival. 2,000 volunteers participate every year, and they are the backbone of our events. Recruitment for 2023 is well under way, but we still need more volunteers.

I love being a volunteer in Holmenkollen , says Heidi Kristiansen, who has worked with the organizers since 2010.

Kristiansen is managing the Spectator Services section and is happy that many have already signed up as volunteers for Holmenkollen Skifestival 2023.

I was worried that we would lose many volunteers after the pandemic, but it seems fine. You know that people are having a good time when they keep coming back every year. 

In need of more volunteers

Now I'm looking forward to sold out stands and nice weather. And with sold out stands we need more volunteers. As many as possible. So I encourage everyone, especially people who like to be outside and who like to help people, to volunteer. Then you get to see Holmenkollen from the inside, and I think that's incredibly exciting.

There is a wide range of tasks you can work on as a volunteer in Holmenkollen. We have tasks that are suitable for everyone, and we need service minded, positive and solution-oriented volunteers to join the team.

I would strongly recommend this. I have been here for twelve years and will be here for many years to come. When I retire, I will have even more time to contribute, laughs Kristiansen.