The folk festival continues, next weekend in fine weather

As the biathlon weekend draws to a close, we'd like to thank everyone who made the trip up to Holmenkollen to watch the adventurous sport, and we hope you've created many great memories with family and friends.

It's been a beautiful weekend, even with rain and fog, there have been smiles all over the arena.

Next weekend, when we kick off Nordic sports with ski jumping, cross-country skiing and combined, the weather gods say that it will be bright sunshine and wonderful conditions in the arena!

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The phantom orange is coming!

All the kids love Fantorangen - and for "Kollen" he's coming with hosts Mathias and PJ from NRK Super to show off in Festivalgaten! You can meet the super gang on Sunday, March 10.

Sunday, March 10

13:00-13:45 NRK Super Show
14:00-14:30 Meet & greet - meet Fantorangen and Braute

Come to Festivalgate SØR in "Kollen" and watch NRK Super Show!

Children's Mini World Cup

The Children's Mini World Cup will be held during the weekend of March 9-10. Here, all children, regardless of ability, can come and try their hand at skiing.

The most important thing for us is that children find the joy of skiing! We have ski equipment on loan, so don't bring your own. This will be the ultimate experience for the youngest skiers.

The organizer has its own announcer who will create a good atmosphere throughout the Children's Mini World Cup. All children get their own start number, and everyone gets a prize at the end.

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"Kollen" Winter Lounge

Up on Haugen we have "Kollen" Winter Lounge, where there will be DJs creating a good atmosphere. There will be fire pans and stools with leather, so you have the opportunity to warm your packed lunch, and a fantastic view of large parts of the arena.

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Joint venture

Holmenkollen Skifestival is concerned about health, safety and the environment during the festival in Marka.

In collaboration with the agencies and many organizations, we provide

  • Health workers and red crosses that can take care of injuries
  • Volunteer guards, professional guards from PSS and police coordination
  • Toilets and other necessary infrastructure
  • Waste points and waste management
  • Cleaning up litter in Marka after the event

This entails major costs for us, somewhere between 1-1.5 million! This is a large amount for a non-profit organization that is largely based on volunteerism.

We therefore ask everyone who participates in the festival, but also parents and the entire population of Oslo to help us.

Contribute to the fundraising team so that we can keep the festival safe and Marka clean.

VIPPS to Holmenkollen Skifestival: 90 73 58

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We're looking forward to new sporting moments, smiles from the audience and sunshine all weekend!

Don't miss the 5-mile race in "Kollen" this weekend March 8-10, we look forward to seeing you all!