A hot stop in VIP Kollenstua

Want a taste of the 5-mile VIP experience?

Kollenstua is part of the VIP offer in "Kollen".

For those who want a little trip to VIP to warm up and enjoy a good meal, drinks from the bar, and a warm and cozy atmosphere.

This will be a more affordable alternative to VIP "Kollen", but has many of the same facilities:

  • Delicious sausage buffet, where Strøm-Larsen's sausages and accessories are bursting with good flavors!
  • Kollenbaren is of course open for drinks, and coffee is on us.
  • With the same premises as VIP "Kollen" , you get music and entertainment from the stage.

Age limit 18 years.

If you have already bought a ticket for the main stand or Haugen/Kapellskogen and want a seat in VIP, you can upgrade your ticket to VIP Kollenstua in our shop.
In the shop you can also order a supporter package, the mascot Mini-Braute and various packed lunches - all of which you can pick up easily and centrally on arrival at Holmenkollen arena.

Here you can buy tickets for Saturday, March 9 - and possible upgrade to Kollenstua.

Here you can buy tickets for Sunday, March 10 - and possible upgrade to Kollenstua.

Here you can see the difference between VIP "Kollen" vs VIP Kollenstua March 9-10