- A nice break from the office chair

As a volunteer in Holmenkollen, Henrik Harsem (32) fixes all kinds of things, and this year he was looking forward to full throttle without restrictions.

Since 2016, Henrik has been a volunteer during the Biathlon World Cup in Holmenkollen and is in the "Rigge group".

- We fix most things. It's cool to be a small piece that contributes to the event in Holmenkollen being a great experience for people.

Volunteer in "Kollen" received a medal from the King.


- Time goes incredibly fast in Holmenkollen. There are a lot of cool people who are here as volunteers. It's a nice break from my daily job as a civil engineer, where I sit for 8 hours in an office chair, says Henrik with a big twinkle in his eye.

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Full thrust

- The best thing about biathlon in "Kollen" is feeling the pressure from the crowd. In the past, it's been awesome. We've had some restrictions in recent years, but this year the crowds were back.