DJ Zone - Ungdomshaugen


On Saturday 11 March, for the first time, young people will have their own area during the Holmenkollen Ski Festival!
Parts of the "VM-haugen" will be transformed into a "DJ zone" and we will be visited by viral stars David Mokel and Heux.

David Mokel started with funny videos on TikTok and has millions of likes. He is now best known for his hit song "Dans på bordet" with Ballinciaga, which topped the charts in Norway in 2022. Heux takes after his big brother TIX, and has made several viral songs. His song "Chernobyl 2017" is perhaps the one he is best known for. If you don't know these names, listen to the younger members of the family. They're sure to know who they are!

The DJ Zone will be right next to the course, and there will also be a screen inside the area where you can follow the athletes and the race. The event is organized for those between 13-18 years old. Those under the age of 13 can enter with an adult. We want to create a safe, inclusive and positive environment for all young people/guests. This is therefore a drug-free event.

The time of the event is from 10-14:30.

At DJ-Zone there will be a concert, competitions and lots of other fun. Join us!