Everything about Marka in one place

It's almost time for the exciting 5-mile race in Marka, are you well prepared?

During the weekend of March 8-10, Marka will be full of happy people and good vibes. What's important to us is that everyone is well prepared before heading out into Marka for a great festival. This way, we can enjoy ourselves together, but at the same time take care of nature and each other. Between 20,000 and 30,000 people are expected!

In the parking lot at Sporten, there will be heating tents where you can warm up between lifts.

We've gathered information for those heading out into Marka, so you can find everything in one place. Everything from food and drink to an overview of the area.

Read about the drug-free zone in collaboration with KRIK

In the app, you will receive valuable information if conditions change and we need to reach you as soon as possible, for example in case of an emergency, evacuation - or to give you smart tips on the traffic situation and your journey home.

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