- I would like to go myself.

This year, the women will do the five-mile race for the first time, a race that has long been reserved for men. Therese Johaug has done the shorter three-mile race in Holmenkollen several times.

"I'd really like to do it myself, it's the first five-mile race in "Kollen"," says Therese Johaug excitedly.

Many would probably have cheered for Johaug if she had done the five-mile race.
Photo: Holmenkollen Skifestival/Jacques Holst


The first time women will compete in the five-mile race will be in Holmenkollen, three days after International Women's Day. On Sunday 12 March, during the World Cup in Holmenkollen, women will, for the first time in the world, compete in the infamous five-mile race. This will be historic. Can the women make it that far? Therese Johaug is positive about the new distance rules and is looking forward to seeing the women do the five-mile race.

-"It will be very exciting, it will be a completely different race. It's a very tough course. It will be exciting to see how the women solve it," says Therese Johaug.

See the programme here.


Not everyone is equally positive about the new distance rules. Several athletes have expressed dissatisfaction and concern that longer distances may lead to greater distances on the field. Some also claim that women had spent so much time that the audience had not bothered to watch.

-"Of course, the longer the better for me, but then I'd get a lot of criticism afterwards for ruining the sport and making it boring for the audience to watch," says Therese Johaug.

Tickets for the historic race can be found here. The race starts on Sunday 12 March at 10.15.

Five-mile tester

To mark the historic event, the internship students in Holmenkollen Skifestival, Bassa Dulo (26) and Jeanette Christiansen (26), will test the same course as the women will walk. The girls will walk five miles on the same course in Holmenkollen and document their journey in the "5 Mila" series on social media. Therese Johaug is a little sceptical, but still convinced that the girls can manage the project.

-You can do it! It's all in your head. If you really want to, you can walk five miles. But I think it's good to practice a bit first, says Therese Johaug encouragingly. And then she adds: "You're going to spend many hours, so good luck! Bring a packed lunch and a tent, she laughs.

In "5-Mila", the girls will practice skiing techniques, get an introduction to equipment and learn more about the history of the 5-Mila from experts and cross-country skiers. Follow them on their journey and follow Holmenkollen Skifestival on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.