World Cup Biathlon 2020 – information ticket buyers

20-22 March, Holmenkollen was ready to welcome thousands of spectators to the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon final. As you know, we had to cancel the whole event due to the escalation of the coronavirus pandemic. This was really sad, but also necessary the way things turned out.

What’s unique about Holmenkollen and our spectators

The athletes have always expressed that to participate and preferably win in Holmenkollen, is one of their highest goals. The athletes love Holmenkollen because of the atmosphere and our spectators, who cheer on every athlete in the same enthusiastic way.

In addition we have a very dedicated crew of more than thousand volunteers, who do their utmost to make the event a great and unique experience for everybody.

A challenging spring

The cancellation of the event in Holmenkollen has put the organiser in a very difficult financial situation. However, thanks to a very good cooperation with our sponsors and partners and support from among others the Municipality of Oslo, we are more optimistic about the future. We also received financial support from the Government, that made us able to offer the ticket buyers a refund. Deadline to get the refund was Tuesday 23. June 2020. 

We would like to thank you for all the support and sympathy we have received after the cancelation, and we hope to see all of you at the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon final 18-21 March 2021.

Photo: Christian Haukeli