Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Can I work as a volunteer at any age?

No, you must be at least 18 years old to work as a volunteer. However, we want to put together a team of volunteers of all age groups.

Do you provide meals?

Yes, all volunteers are entitled to meals and refreshments. We will be serving good, healthy meals – and the waffle iron will also be in service.

Will I receive tickets?

As a volunteer, you are granted free access to the arena on competition days. You are also entitled to two tickets to VM-Haugen for Sunday’s competition, free of charge. You will get more information in the volunteer portal.

Will I have the chance to watch the competitions?

As long as the events do not clash with your on-duty periods, you are welcome to watch the competitions. However, note that our tribunes usually sell out, so please do not reduce our capacity by standing there yourself. We recommend VM-Haugen or Kapellskogen. Furthermore, remember that spectators may well contact you with enquiries and will expect you to help them whenever you are wearing your staff uniform. You are the ‘face’ we present to the outside world, so you must always be friendly, accommodating and helpful while you are in the arena.

Will I receive a reference?

A general reference will be made available for downloading from the volunteer portal. If you contact your section leader directly, you will receive an individual reference after the event, describing the event itself, the section you worked for, and your assignments. A lot of volunteers make sure to add the experience to their CV to demonstrate their social commitment, and feedback indicates that many people think that working as a volunteer has given them valuable skills.

Do I have to wear the volunteers’ uniform?

All volunteers should wear the official World Cup attire. The attire costs NOK 399, and this is a heavily discounted price.

Can I choose which days I work?

You can make requests about work days, but you must understand that your section manager will allocate shifts according to the needs of the section as a whole, to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

How many days do I have to work?

In principle, all volunteers must work for a minimum of three days, of which at least one must be a weekday.

Can I work with a friend?

We will make every effort to be flexible so that you can work together with a friend. At the same time, you must remember that there are a great many jobs to be distributed and staffed, so we cannot make any guarantees in this respect.

Can I choose where I work?

In your application to work as a volunteer, you are encouraged to list your top three choices of where you would prefer to work. Applications will be processed continuously, and emphasis will be placed on previous experience and availability. In other words, it is largely up to you to find a position in one of the areas that interest you the most. We are looking for ultra-motivated people with a burning desire to help us hold a magnificent World Cup final.

Where do I have to meet up for work?

Information about meeting times and locations will be provided by your section manager closer to the event. The times and locations vary from section to section, depending on your specific area of work.

How many volunteers are needed for the World Championships?

It is estimated that around 800 volunteers will be needed for the 2019 World Cup.

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