Twentyfour, Official Clothing Partner of the Holmenkollen Ski Festival

Photo: Charlotte Karlsen | Stine Stenseth

Holmenkollen is located at the top of Norway’s largest city, Oslo. The National Arena’s location within the Marka area is exposed and used to some extra-tough weather conditions. At Kollen there is always a bit more snow, a bit more wind, but also a bit more sun than anywhere else in the city. The right outdoor clothing partner is therefore crucial for us. We are proud to announce that beginning in 2020, the Norwegian brand Twentyfour will be the Holmenkollen Ski Festival’s new outdoor clothing partner and official festival sponsor!

Twentyfour provides outdoor clothing that combines high-quality technical features with urban elements. Twentyfour clothes are urban outdoor and the brand’s tagline “anywhere, anytime” reflects the perfect slogan for the Holmenkollen partnership. The Holmenkollen Ski Festival works every day with the challenges and opportunities of the Holmenkollen location and the weather is a very challenging factor for the whole event team. The clothing must be able to keep up and thus Twentyfour is a perfect match. Twentyfour designs and develops functional, yet trendy technical clothing, ensuring that we are warm, dry and dressed well both at Holmenkollen as well as in the urban landscape! Together we combine tradition and innovation! Through this partnership Holmenkollen Ski Festival will be able to offer volunteers, partners and visitors sporty, quality products!

Our 1,800 volunteers work hard during our events. The temperature in March at Holmenkollen can range from minus 10 to plus 10 degrees- demanding weather conditions requiring functional clothing. Together with Twentyfour, we have designed a jacket that is especially for our volunteers’ needs at the events. The jacket features a fluorocarbon-free (PFC-free) impregnation and a recycled polyester outer fabric, providing the perfect support for our volunteers and ensuring that everyone at the Holmenkollen Ski Festival is well dressed during the world’s largest and best ski festival.

“The volunteers are our main supporters and ambassadors and it is extremely important to us that they are satisfied. With Twentyfour we have got an outdoor clothing partner which has taken our volunteers seriously and listened to our feedback and input. This is something we are very grateful for and we are proud to announce our partnership with Twentyfour,” says Kristin Vestgren Sæterøy, Managing Director of Holmenkollen Ski Festival.

In addition to providing our volunteers and organizing committee of the Holmenkollen Ski Festival with functional outfits for tough weather conditions, Twentyfour offers a broad range of outdoor clothing collections that fit perfectly for the people visiting our ski events. During Ski Fest & Raw Air, and the biathlon season finale in Holmenkollen, Twentyfour will have a brand store in the arena where all visitors will have the opportunity to shop their clothing favorites!

Sustainability and environment are important focus areas of the Holmenkollen Ski Festival’s new outdoor clothing partner Twentyfour. “Twentyfour works for profitable and sustainable growth. Through a strong foundation in ethics and by focusing on how to create more sustainable clothing we want to contribute to a more sustainable future. This means continuously improving and developing our clothing and working on improving measures regarding the environment, climate and society. In order to reduce our environmental footprint, we focus first and foremost on improving the quality and thus extending the lifecycle of our products. In addition, our responsible and renowned purchasing practices will continue to be a role model for other businesses,” says Tom Erik Mykjåland, Managing Director at Next Sport AS, which owns the brand Twentyfour.

“Holmenkollen Ski Festival has a strong focus on minimizing our environmental footprint, thus it is crucial to have partners who think and strive for the same. We are proud to have Twentyfour with us on the team, and we are looking forward to this partnership,” says Sæterøy.

“We are very proud to team up with Holmenkollen Ski Festival – and we are thrilled to be part of the Holmenkollen ski events, because Kollen combines both Norwegian tradition and innovation with good outdoor experiences, which are important parts of Twentyfour’s DNA. We believe Twentyfour and the Holmenkollen Ski Festival brand are a perfect match and the partnership will be a win-win for all parties. The audience in Kollen is truly unique, and we look very much forward to providing the best possible support for the volunteers and dressing up this amazing audience with our technical clothing,” says Tom Erik Mykjåland. The official Holmenkollen Ski Festival volunteer outfit from Twentyfour

Twentyfour designs and develops technical clothing for Norwegian conditions that is both functional and fashionable. Our clothes are urban outdoor and fit just as well on the mountain as in the city, and are designed to be used anywhere, anytime. Twentyfour is about good craftsmanship providing high quality outdoor clothing that merges Norwegian tradition with new designs, color combinations and technology. Our collections merge sport and fashion in the outdoor, hiking, active lifestyle, cross-country and alpine skiing segments. The brand Twentyfour was established in 2006 and is owned by the Norwegian company Next Sport AS. Today, Twentyfour is a popular and fast-growing outdoor clothing brand that inspires good experiences, every day, all year round – regardless of the occasion. Our Twentyfour Finse anorak has become a popular bestseller! Twentyfour clothes are sold in our own online shop at and in over 200 sports stores throughout Norway, and can also be found in Finland, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland.

Next Sport AS was founded by the Mykjåland family and has designed and developed outdoor/sports, leisure and children’s clothing since 2006. Our brands TWENTYFOUR, GULLKORN DESIGN and DANIEL FRANCK are designed and developed by our in-house designers in Norway and are inspired by the typical Norwegian lifestyle, nature and weather conditions. Our clothes are sold at sports and kids clothing stores all over Norway, and through our online shops. The company has shown strong performance in recent years with a yearly turnover of about 170 MNOK (2018). Our head office with showroom is located in Kristiansand, in the South of Norway. We also have a showroom in Oslo and are a proud member of Ethical Trade Norway.

If you have any questions, please contact: Tom Erik Mykjåland, Managing Director at Next Sport AS; E-mail:; Phone +47 48484864. Find your favorites at TWENTYFOUR.NO or at one of our retailers. Get inspired and follow @twentyfour_no on Instagram and Facebook.

Tom Erik Mykjåland, general manager of Next Sport AS, which owns the brand Twentyfour.