One of the first things most people encounter is accreditation. Everyone at the event – apart from the spectators – must have accreditation to be allowed to enter the arena. The members of this team are to make sure that everyone receives the correct accreditation in relation to responsibility and tasks to perform. Registration in computer systems and printing/laminating accreditation documents are key assignments. A service-minded attitude is essential.

Accreditation checks

The objective is simple: to make sure that only people with the correct accreditation are given access to the appropriate areas. Volunteers working in this area must be able to project authority – but in a flexible, charming manner. The arena is divided into several different zones, to which different groups of people have access, and it is crucial to the running of the event that the access regulations are applied and followed consistently. In this section, we need volunteers for both Holmenkollen.

Family campsite

In the Kapellskogen woods, we will be preparing an area for fun activities and games for children. Barbecuing, flag painting, laser shooting, fun in Sami tents and much more besides … The aim is to provide a secure and popular area for families with children. This is the section for volunteers who are good with children and keen to have a playful time in ‘Kollen’.

Personal qualities required: extrovert, creative, positive.

Volunteer refreshments

Do you want to make an important contribution for the people working hard behind the scenes? This is possibly the most appreciative target group to work for. The assignments include serving fresh waffles, hot coffee and tasty snacks, and otherwise keeping the area neat and tidy and contributing to ensuring a good atmosphere in the refreshments section. For this team, we need volunteers in good physical shape, as the work will involve moving tables, receiving food deliveries, etc.


Hosting all the different nations involves answering questions from competitors and support staff about pretty much anything and everything – weather forecasts, travel information, social events, food orders, room occupancy lists, transport service, luggage storage, ticket information and more besides. The information desk has to be staffed from early in the morning until late at night.

SKILLS: Speak and write English and Norwegian very well. Knowledge of other languages an advantage.

IBU Family Club

Participants and their support staff always appreciate the opportunity to take a break at the ‘IBU Family Club’, which serves food and drink and gives them the chance to step back from everything else that is going on. If you work here, you must display absolute discretion regarding the participants and their support staff.

Internal logistics

This is the team that almost everyone calls on to save the day. The team members are always to be found at the ‘hot spots’ – and no task is too big or small. The working days are extremely varied, as the team is required to interact with all sections throughout the event. Working here provides good insight into the organisation, as well as knowledge about what the different sections actually do. The assignments are largely centred on transport and logistics for the other sections, and may involve everything from transporting heavy equipment such as fencing sections and other materials, to delivering soft drinks and hot dogs to the food stalls. Of course, all kinds of other assignments may crop up at any time … We are the team the others call whenever a challenge arises. Much of the work has to be done shortly before or shortly after the competitions, leaving time in between to enjoy the day’s events. To work for this team, you need to be able to take a flexible and humorous approach. You must be prepared to work – and to work hard – in intervals. You must have a standard driving licence, and experience operating snow scooters would be an advantage.


To work in this section, you need to be solution-oriented and prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that the people tasked with communicating news about the event via the various media channels have the best possible working conditions. Work will involve rigging, organising press conferences, posting updates on the Web, coordinating the photo zone and stands, making sure refreshments are available, and keeping check of the mixing zone. This is the section for you if you are truly service-minded and thrive in a sometimes chaotic working environment.

Nation stalls

Quite an intricate jigsaw puzzle has to be put together to make sure that there are sufficient booths, stalls and service for all the different nations. A huge amount of equipment needs putting in position. In addition, all wardrobe facilities and information boards have to be up and running, and all the necessary health and safety measures must be in place. If you want to work here, you must be extremely service-minded. Good language skills will also be important, and it will be a real advantage if you can speak languages other than Norwegian and English.

Spectator service

This is where the foundations are laid to make sure the spectators enjoy an excellent experience. The members of this team are positive, accommodating and fully familiar with the day’s programme; they also have in-depth knowledge of the emergency exits, toilets, red cross stands, kiosks, stand layout, etc. Full stands, cheers of celebration and waving flags make up the ultimate goal, but it is also important to pack the spectators in with smiles all round.

Rigging group

Working here gives you an excellent chance to help ensure that the event is a truly delightful experience for the spectators and everyone else involved. Assignments will primarily involve setting up fences, banners, signs and other logistical material. In other words, they are tasks that require good physical condition – and you must not be afraid to get your hands dirty. Work in this section will begin during the week leading up to the event weekend. The staff from this section will not be required to work during the event themselves, so you will have the chance to watch all the events live.


The framework for the competition will be set by a high-quality opening ceremony, backed by finely coordinated flower presentation and medal ceremonies. This team needs to coordinate the activities of His Majesty the King’s Guard (HMKG), raising and lowering flags, presenting bouquets, and working with the people responsible for the participants and the podium. This section is responsible for the ceremonies in Holmenkollen.

Service Desk with HSE

This section is responsible for coordinating the preparedness of the other sections, and supports them in dealing with situations they cannot handle on their own. It may be necessary to (re)allocate resources, pass on messages or even provide physical assistance. For the Service Desk to do a good job, the staff must maintain a good overview and understanding of the challenges linked to the event, and apply a solution-oriented mindset.


Anyone who has ever worked with events knows how critical traffic/parking management is to the logistics. One incorrectly parked vehicle can see the entire system grind to a halt. This team is tasked with making sure that only accredited vehicles are parked in the restricted areas and that the necessary fencing has been set up. The team also maintains a close dialogue with the traffic police, and helps ensure that the spectators enjoy a good experience as they enter and leave the arena.


If you join this team, you will be required to drive a profiled BMW to collect/drop off competitors, managers, official guests and members of the media. You may also be called upon to deliver goods if necessary. You must have held a class B driving licence for at least three years and be fully familiar with the Oslo region. Above all, you must make sure to drive responsibly and safely at all times.

VIP/Royal Stand

The King of Norway will be in attendance – so it is essential to make sure that the hostess is ready and that the royal stand has been duly decorated and prepared. In addition, there are hundreds of sponsors, companies and private citizens who have decided to treat themselves to a VIP experience in Kollen. The primary objective of this section is to make sure that this group of spectators enjoys a memorable experience of Kollen for all the right reasons.