Are the tickets refundable?

Dear ticket buyer

We thank you so much for your patience!

There has been two very challenging months. With a fully rigged arena ready to start this years worldcup, the “Skifest” we unfortunately carried out without spectators and Biathlon was cancelled. This left us without opportunity to reduce costs or take other measures that could limit the financial damage. With millions of Norwegian kroner in deficit Holmenkollen Ski Festival was at the time technically bankrupt.

This has tremendous consequences for all of us and we are so sorry for the effect it has had for our ticket buyers. It is our wish and we have been working intensely to find solutions to compensate the purchased tickets for our audience.

We are happy to announce that we, due to financial support from the Government, now will be able to compensate our ticket buyers. We will get back to you with more information and all ticket buyers will receive an e-mail by the end of week 24. 


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