This section is tasked with ensuring that competitors selected for doping tests are appropriately chaperoned and otherwise comply with the clear rules and guidelines from the IBU in this regard. In this section, volunteers will be required to accompany participants to doping tests and assist the IBU representatives to ensure that the doping tests are run smoothly and efficiently.


The Tracks section is responsible for ensuring that the tracks are of the best possible quality for both training and races. The work involves security, access checks, temperature measurement and marking. We need people prepared to put in extra effort if the weather and snow conditions demand.

Race office

This is the team for people skilled at keeping a cool head when the situation heats up; questions from participants’ support staff have to be answered, start and finish lists printed and distributed, jury members and IBU representatives cared for, team leader meetings prepared, and registrations, etc. organised. This is the section for you if you are truly service-minded and love working in a hectic environment.

Good English, German or Russian skills essential.

Shooting range

In biathlon, medals are often won and lost on the shooting range. The first priority here is to ensure absolute safety. Other focus areas include making sure that the shooting range is cleared/salted/smoothed in line with the applicable instructions. Tasks comprise laying out mats, setting up t-stakes, checking weapon stands, recording shooting results, replacing cardboard targets, putting up/taking down wind pennants, and organising practice shoots.


Accuracy is the alpha and omega here. This section applies transponders, assures manual and electronic time-keeping, records intermediate times and provides a results service for the media.