Holmenkollen Skifestival AS is owned 50/50 by The Norwegian Association for the Promotion of Skiing and the Norwegian Ski Federation. We are 8 employees . The company organizes FIS World Cup Nordic, BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon and the Holmenkollen Skishow in roller skating, as well as the Audi FIS Ski World Cup.

Our employees

Kristin Vestgren Sæterøy

CEO Holmenkollen Skifestival

Stine Stenseth

Project leader Audi FIS Ski World Cup & project leader arena and festival

Emilie Nordskar

Communications mananger

Hege Wilhelmsen

Chief of Finance

Tove lysne

In charge of tickets and administrative consultant

Harald Sundgot-Borgen

Volunteers and market support

Vibeke Lamer Kittel-Nielsen

Marketing and sales

Wenche Berger

Project leader FIS World Cup Nordic and FIS contact

Line Eskerud Elvsveen

Project leader BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon (LOA from Dec 2017)

Sindre Svadberg

Project leader BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon

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